​​Creating a medical community

Our vision is to optimize and complement our system's existing healthcare infrastructure by connecting medical professionals in a meaningful way.

Starting with our locum shift coverage platform, we are bridging the gaps in private practice and supporting individual entities to better coordinate amongst themselves.

Cherry Health is driving innovation by fostering a world where we can communicate without barriers in order to provide the greatest possible care.

Our Beginning

Our own personal experiences working within the healthcare system serve as the inspiration for Cherry Health. The COVID-19 pandemic provided an impulse to act upon our fledgling ideas and greatly magnified the sense of urgency with which we now operate.


Steadily, as we turn our vision into reality, we have come to realize that the project will have a further-reaching, broader impact than initially understood. As we collaborate with more people and more allied health we have come to find that most of us are in the same boat. We have all been chugging along steadily, doing as we have for many years and there has been little impetus for innovation in this space. But now more than ever, with an unprecedented global pandemic throwing a wrench into the mix, the flow of information and sharing of ideas is paramount to effectively responding to such a rapidly changing health landscape.


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