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BC Physician Recruiting 101

 How to find doctors for your clinic in British Columbia.


General Physician Recruiting Sources

A comprehensive list of physician recruiting resources to help you find doctors for free or for a fee across the province of British Columbia. This repository of resources provides you many platforms to post your clinic opportunities and secure physician talent.

Health Match BC

A health professional recruitment service funded by the Government of BC, Canada.

  • FREE

  • Must be registered with your local division

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BC Family Doctors

Post a locum job opportunity at your clinic on the job board

  • FREE

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BC Medical Journal (BCMJ)

Place a classified ad in a print issue of the BCMJ and simultaneously on the website.

  • Pricing is dependent on ad length ranging from $50-$90 per month

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Facebook Groups

Join physician Facebook groups to interact directly with doctors and post jobs.

The First Five Years in Family Practice - British Columbia

Post your locum opportunity to a very targeted audience via this private, closed group for early career family physicians throughout the province.

  • FREE

  • 1,300 members

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Family Physician Job Opportunities - BC

This private group was created to post job opportunities for family physicians in BC or for physicians seeking opportunities to promote themselves to available positions.

  • FREE

  • 450+ members

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Rural Placement Recruiting 

Find physicians to fill rural placements across the province through these sources.

Locums for Rural BC

Post a locum physician opportunity on this job board for coverage in communities with limited physicians.

  • Three locum programs include: Rural GP, Rural GP Anaesthesia, and Rural Specialist 

  • Must be registered to post a position

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Practice Ready Assessment - British Columbia (PRA-BC)

Physicians for BC provides qualified family physicians (i.e. international medical graduates) with an alternative pathway to licensure in BC. Apply to PRA-BC today.

  • PRA-BC has assessed 173 family physicians since 2015 who have been placed in 55 communities throughout BC

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Rural Recruitment Initiatives

A list of rural recruitment programs available to assist and facilitate the recruitment of physicians to rural communities under the Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement (RSA).

  • Includes: Recruitment Incentive Fund, Recruitment Contingency Fund, and PRA-BC

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Regional Placements

Find physicians to fill specific regions across the province through these sources.

Division of Family Practice

Most BC divisions have a job board where locum jobs can be posted. Check your regional health network for locum listings.

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Vancouver Coastal Health

Post a medical staff job opportunity for your Department/Division or Private Clinic on the VCH Medical Staff​​​ and Health Match BC’s website.

  • FREE

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Fraser Health

Post practice opportunities for both generalist and specialist physicians on this job board.

  • FREE

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Interior Health

Post physician jobs for generalists and specialists on this job board.

  • FREE

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Island Health

Post opportunities for both generalist and specialist physicians on this job board.

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Northern Health

Post practice opportunities by community and specialty on this job board.

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Join the Cherry Network

  • It’s fast, easy and, secure

  • Create a branded recruiting page

  • Gain access to over 2,000 Canadian physicians

  • It's completely free to search for and hire locums

  • Trusted by more than 500 medical facilities

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Additional Resources

Check out some additional links below to further enhance your physician recruiting experience.

Contract Templates

Health Force Ontario’s (HFO) Generic Locum 

  • See page 6 for a generic locum agreement template that sets out the terms and conditions of a locum arrangement.

Joule’s Group Practice Employment Checklist

  • Outlines 12 specific issues that a contract should include.

Comox Valley Example Locum Contract

  • A simple 5-page template that covers the main terms and conditions of the contract.

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HFO’s Physician Recruitment Essentials Toolkit


Joule’s Pre-locum Checklist

  • Evaluation checklist surrounding Scope and Style of Practice, Appointments, Medical Charts, Locum Preparation, and the Contract