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Finding a locum shouldn't be so difficult.

Canada's new, free, self-serve physician staffing solution.

Finding locums is easier than ever.

The one minute summary

Why Cherry?


Save time! It takes less than 10 seconds to send out a locum request to the whole province.


There is no cost to post or find a locum job. Our locum matching system will always be free.


Manage your entire clinic's locum needs from one convenient central location.


Locum insurance documents, practice permits and reference letters are displayed up front to decrease hassle.

"After struggling to find a locum, Cherry Health came to my rescue in one week! Definitely my go-to for practice coverage from now on. Easy to use, effective and very helpful. Thank you!"

— Dr. Louise Roos,


Building a system of trust and accountability through mutual feedback.

Featured locum opportunities.

Quickly post locums for any occasion.





It's that simple!

Have you ever had to...

Cancel a full day/week/month of patients?

Every day a physician is absent the clinic loses $500 in revenue in addition to 8 prospective new patients.

Offload your patient panel onto your colleagues?

This practice is disruptive and perpetuates physician burnout.

Go to work sick?

This inappropriate practice now highlighted by COVID-19 means you can't just take a sinus tab and keep going.

Pandemic Response

Designed for speed: send out last minute, emergent locum coverage notifications.

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Find work easily.


Book whatever fits your schedule: a day, a week, a year or even find a permanent position.


Easy to read postings display the highlights at a glance and you can forget about chasing down references.


One cohesive system includes something for everyone: rural, urban, walk-in or family practice.


Crowdsourced clinic reviews include patient volume and billing statistics so you know where the best fit is.

Cherry Health Member Benefits

More than just a phone app.

Welcome to Canada's fastest growing community of healthcare providers. Your Cherry Health membership comes with additional perks and benefits including discounts for physicians and their clinics on products, services and associations.

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