Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I apply to a coverage?

As a locum your primary goal is to find coverages that fit your schedule. The Cherry Health mobile app presents all open coverages within your specified search range in one view.

Click on the coverage card to expand the posting, view the associated physician and clinic profile and hit the "Apply" button.

Can I block dates in my locum schedule?

Absofruitly you can! You are in charge of your schedule and Cherry Health helps you do so. Simply click on the start and end dates in your schedule to block the date range as unavailable.

Cherry Health will respect your time off and only show you open coverages that do not coincide with your blocked dates.

How do I post a coverage?

Posting a coverage is the core function of the Cherry Health mobile app. To help you post quickly and effectively, the app offers two options to post a coverage:


  1. Post right from the Coverages view, using the "Post coverage" button

  2. On your Profile's Schedule view you can post a coverage by clicking on your preferred start and end dates in the calendar view.

Posting coverage is only enabled for non-locum accounts.

How do I review and accept a coverage?

Cherry Health will send you a notification every time a locum applies to your coverage. Open the coverage in question from your Coverage or Schedule view and click on the the Application tab to review applicants.

If an applicant suits your coverage simply hit the "Accept" button. All other applicant will be automatically rejected from your coverage.

How do I join a clinic?

Non-locums have the ability to join one or more clinics. Simply head to the "Clinics" tab on your Profile.

By clicking the right arrow button you can cycle through the clinic profile you are a member of. The last view gives you a search bar to look for your next clinic. 

The clinic admin will be notified about your join request and needs to approve you as member before you are able to post a coverage on the clinics behalf.

How do I accept new clinic members?

As clinic admin you will be notified when a new clinic members sends you a join request. 

Head over to the "Clinics" tab on your profile and scroll to the bottom of your clinic to view your clinic members. Members who recently requested to join will have a check or cross button. Hit the check button to approve and the cross button to reject the request.

How can we locum on such short notice?

Contrary to popular belief - a clinic does not need to wait to add a locum to its business arrangement. You may use the locum's universally portable Locum BA# at any clinic and the clinic may submit the billings and receive payment from AHS on behalf of the locum just like normal.

For further information please see section 1.11 Locum Tenens in the Physician's Resource Guide or email to obtain or apply for your Locum BA# if you do not already have one.