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Social Media

Disorganized and sparsely populated.

Job Boards

Obsolete, outdated and with minimal activity.

Word of Mouth

Convoluted, inefficient and long time delays.


Time-consuming and

with limited exposure.


Expensive, and slow. No quality control.

So, what are you waiting for?

Everything you wanted and more...





Create a locum request from your phone in seconds. Automatically send locum paperwork.


Designed from the ground up to facilitate short-notice and sick coverage.

Low membership fees mean you won't need to think twice before taking time off.

New system of locum ratings and reviews creates accountability and adds comfort.

"How does this not exist already?" - Everyone

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 Now featuring  accountability!

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April 4th  - 2 days


Dr. Kurtz was not feeling well and had to call in sick. Rather than cancel his patients we were able to find a locum through Cherry and it went really well! The locum - Dr. Doycher arrived on time, was well-liked by the patients,  got along with all of our staff and handled the volume of our busy clinic effectively. Unfortunately, she insisted on listening to Katy Perry all day.

-Gabby Nolan - Clinic Manager 17th ave Medical



Find work fast! Lining up your next job has never been easier. Get instant access to where you're needed across the province!




Why let the locums have all the fun? Cherry Health gives you back the flexibility you thought you gave up years ago.


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Get ready Canada - Cherry Health is on its way!

July 17th -Calgary (exclusive to Calgary West Central PCN)

July 22nd - Calgary (early access for wait-listers and beta testers)

August 1st - All of Calgary zone

September 1st - Edmonton & Central zones

October 1st - Alberta-wide (including North and South zones)