So, how do we solve our

locum problems?

Sign up for your account.


You'll need a few items like your CPSA number or CMPA card depending on your account type. This is how we verify our users and grant them security clearance.

Build your profile.


Follow along as we guide you step by step to create your physician profile. We gather slightly different information depending on what type of user you are. After a few short moments, you will have created a dynamic, living CV which you will use to show off your best attributes.

Attach to your clinic.


Search for your clinic - if somebody else has already built the page you may link your account to it. If it doesn't exist yet then create a page for your clinic by following the same format of step by step directions. If you're a locum who doesn't have an established practice at a particular clinic then you may skip this part.

Jack of all trades?


If you have multiple practices at multiple locations you can create and link to as many clinics as you need.

Clinics, post your shifts!


On the homepage you can create a shift coverage request in less than 10 seconds. This is then immediately available to every locum in your province.

Pick up those shifts!


You can quickly filter through every available listing in your province. Don't blink, they go fast!

Treat some patients.


Get out there and do some medicine! When you're done don't forget to leave a rating so that the next person feels more comfortable working with that clinic or locum.

Form a connection!


Even though this job has finished don't be sad - you can always see them again! You'll be able to add physicians and clinic managers to your personal contact list making it easier to facilitate the next locum opportunity. Availability calendars, direct messaging and discussion boards coming soon!

Easy, isn't it?

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