Becoming a Cherry-enabled clinic is quick and easy!

Sign-up is fast & simple!


You'll be guided step by step as you build a page to promote your clinic. Show off all that hard work you've put into the place by creating an alluring profile with a strong digital presence.

One & done.


You will be walked through our easy to follow sign-up process as you build profiles for your team. Or, if they're independent just send them the app and let them do it themselves! After they've linked with the clinic you can effortlessly manage their scheduling for them.


locum acquisition.

Quickly manage locum staffing


Find replacements for any of your clinic's physicians or your walk-in. Act on their behalf or let them do it themselves - either way, it takes less than 10 seconds!

Whatever you need,
whenever you need it


From 1-day sick leaves to 1-year parental leaves and everything in between - Cherry helps you find the right locum.

Dynamic billing incentives


Depending on the situation you can adjust your billing split to become more attractive to locums. This is key if you are in a tight spot and need somebody on short notice.

Why roll the dice on your patients' health?

With Cherry Health you're getting a great doctor, not a random doctor


We've all had a sub-par experience with a locum before - don't let it happen again! Rather than blindly accepting whoever is the first to respond you can quickly and easily vet each and every applicant based on their experience, training, credentials, references and work history. Best of all you'll be able to see actual reviews and ratings from how they performed at their last locum jobs. Get the doctor your clinic deserves!

The next generation of

practice management solutions

Cherry saves you time


By creating an all in one locum staffing platform you don't need to waste any more of your life posting on multiple different websites or creating redundant requests across social media.

Easily connect with your preferred locums


You already have a few favourites and Cherry knows this. You'll be able to add locums to your personal contacts and send them direct messages. You'll even be able to highlight your locum requirements to them and send private locum requests.

family doctors list

Focus your energy


You'll be able to see your locums' availability ahead of time before you even reach out. Rather than waiting around to hear back that they're already booked, you can selectively send the request where it'll count.

Short on full-time docs?
We can help with that too!

Looking for a permanent physician?


Of course you are - and what better way to acquire one than by having plenty of newly graduated locums regularly test-driving your clinic? The more locums flowing through the better. Best of all - there are no additional fees for permanent postings!

Be picky!


Do you really want just ANY physician becoming a permanent fixture in your establishment? The best part of hiring through Cherry Health is that you'll already know who the best doctors are!

Check out the 3-minute video tour of how it works!