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Alberta begins Serology Testing for COVID-19 Antibodies

Health Canada has approved two serology tests for "point of care" testing. Serology testing is used to determine the presence of antibodies that demonstrate whether or not someone has previously had COVID-19. Alberta is the first province to launch serology testing on July 2nd to help understand how many people have been affected by COVID-19. These tests do not detect if someone is currently infected with COVID-19. Alberta Health will not be offering the general public the option of serology testing, these tests will be available for doctor use only and are primarily for research purposes.

The two Health Canada approved tests are:

  • The Spartan Cube COVID-19 system by Spartan Bioscience Inc. C using nucleic acid

  • The Xpert Express SARS-CoV-2 by Cepheid


  • There are two paediatric studies in Calgary and Edmonton that will continue over the next few years.

  • There is another study that will be testing general samples of blood (collected for other purposes). Those who tested positive in this test will not be informed.

  • Another study involves testing Albertans over the age of 45 to determine who was exposed to COVID-19.

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