• Dr. Jordan Vollrath

How do I post a physician job?

Important - Before posting a job you must first be attached to a clinic. Click here for more information - "How to join a clinic"

Steps to create a physician job listing on Cherry Health

1. Navigate to "My Jobs" at the bottom of the screen

2. Click on "Post a job"

3. Select the clinic for which you are recruiting a physician to

4. Select what type of recruiting you are doing A) Locums or B) Full-time (permanent/long-term)

5. Follow the prompts to fill in details about what kind of physician (medical specialty) you're looking for and details around the role (dates, type of work, expectations, remuneration etc)


a) When creating a long-term or permanent recruiting post (non-locum) there is an engagement contract to sign with Cherry Health and our in-house talent acquisition specialists who actively help you fill your role. Click here for more details

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